Time Slot Track 1 Track 2 CTF
930-955 Opening Remarks OPEN
1000-1055  Keynote – You Detected a Data Breach: Now What? – Kelcey Patrick-Ferree  OPEN CTF Begins
1100-1155  IoT Attack Footprint – David Linder Ransomware: History Analysis & Mitigation – Andy Thompson
1200-1300 LUNCH LUNCH
1300-1355  Keynote – Exploit Kits and Indicators of Compromise – Brad Duncan  OPEN
1400-1455  Defense Wins Championships – Ben Schmitt Want to break JavaScript and APIs in web apps? – Andrew Freeborn
1500-1555 Still Penetrating Your Perimeter – A Deep Dive into Malicious Documents – Josh Stroschein & Dr Matt Miller  RFID Stuff and Things – Brandon Murphy
1600-1655  Protecting Against Advanced Targeted Attacks with IAM Best Practices – Andy Thompson USB Gallagher – Nicholas Starke
1700-1755  Continuous Integration: Stalking Vulnerabilities with Puma Scan – Eric Johnson Security, stuck in the middle of tech & exec – Solomon Smith
1800-1830 Closing Remarks  OPEN CTF Ends