Time Slot Track 1 Track 2 CTF
845-900  Welcome
900-955  Eric Johnson – Continuous Security: Monitoring & Active Defense in the Cloud John Kennedy – Finding and Exploiting Zerodays (Yes, you can do this!) CTF Begins
1000-1055  Ben Schmitt – Immutable Architecture and Ruthless Automation  Brad Duncan – Malware Distribution Trends – April 2018
1100-1155  Chad Brewbaker – LANGSEC: Defending against iOS text bombs  Aaron Blythe – Alexa and Google are listening, how much are they transmitting?
1200-1255  Lunch  Lunch
1300-1355 Brad Beltman – Better Burping – Improving Efficiency with Plugins and DIY  Chad Smith – Threat Intelligence Collection Strategy
1400-1455 Justin Williams – Threat Hunting Windows Event Logs w/ Powershell   Ben Schmitt – Threat Modeling in practice
1500-1555  Dr Matthew Miller – Investigating the FBI’s use of Network Investigative Techniques (NIT)  Nick Starke – IoT Device Post Exploitation
1600-1655  James Beal – Drug Dealing in IOC’s: a retrospective on threat intel and threat hunting in a SOC for the lulz Andrew Freeborn – Windows COM from the bottom up
1700-1755  Dan O’Day & Ilya Kobzar – BITS and pieces: Abusing BITS for persistence and privilege escalation Antoinette Stevens – Hacker for the Holidays
1800-1830  Farewell CTF Ends