Call for Organizers & Volunteers

For many years we have had a small group of volunteers and a bulk of the load for annual organizing has fallen to me. As with everyone over the last few years I’ve take stock in what is most important in my life. BSidesIowa remains one of those things, but as the event grows and continues, I can’t continue to take such a heavy load every year. Thankfully the folks at ISSA and SecDSM are helping with some aspects, wrangling a venue, sponsors and the CTF. But there is still a lot of work that remains for BSidesIowa to handle each year. Here is a list I’ve compiled (* indicates its handled):

Pre Event
Villages? (LockPick, Resume Workshop)
T-Shirts – Design, Order, Pickup
Order Laynards
Speakers – CFP, selection and scheduling
*A/V – (SecIC and SecDSM)
Keynote Speaker – Invite, travel, etc…
Lunch – Plan/order
Ticket Sales
Speaker/Vol Dinner
Promotion of event (Twitter, Press Release, etc)
Day of Event
Setup/Teardown (2-3 volunteers)
Registration (Tickets, t-shirt handouts, Badge handouts) (2-3 volunteers)
Speaker wrangling (2 per room)
Sponsor wrangling (1-2 people)
Speaker Dinner
Post Event
Video Clean up and post to YouTube channel

This is a call for organizers, If you are interested reach out on twitter @bsidesiowa or email In the past I handled folks more as volunteers, this time around I’m looking to give up control to some organizers. We don’t need a lot, 2-4 is all. I’m also looking for day of volunteers, probably 4-5 for work the day of.

Out of complete transparency, my long term plan is for this group of organizers to eventually take over BSidesIowa so I can step away. I’ll still be around and active with BSidesIowa but after many years of running the event, I think its time for fresh look to move BSidesIowa to the next level.

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